SLPG Project

Integrated Piping Management System in the SLPG project has been executed successfully by our EPCPROMAN team in a short duration and with limited manpower. It was a wonderful journey for all our teammates and we have learned a lot of thinks from the project as well as from the client. It is a great pleasure to share the successful journey of EPCPROMAN project execution in the SLPG project.

The project had started in April 2018 and completed by June 2020 with all our teammate’s great effort and dedication. Our works have been recognized and appreciated by our valuable client Petrofac.

In this tremendous journey, Our team was encountering a lot of challenges while doing the project. Sharing the execution experience will give more confidence to execute the upcoming projects. Below mentioned factors are the key factors for successful project completion.

For Successful Execution:

  • Identifying Project Tasks
  • Team Selection
  • Right Tasks to Right Manpower
  • Inputs Gathering
  • Defining Procedures
  • Team Coordination
  • Report Formatting
  • Monitoring Production
  • Reporting On Time
  • Revision Control
  • 3D Progress Monitoring
  • Fulfill QA\QC Requirement
  • Material Control
  • Document Control
  • Test Pack Control

Identifying Project Tasks:
The first most important thing to start the project is to identify the project tasks at various levels in the project. Each project may have a different type of tasks which needs to be identified at the initial stage of the project. In our SLPG project, we identified and noted all the tasks before starting the project execution. It has to be differentiated and to be listed as per the below category.

  • PCPL HO Tasks

Selection Of Team :
Team selection is very important for a project to be successful. Team selection is always be a responsibility task for the team lead who is going to control the team for more than two years. In our case we have chosen the best team from our organization hence we got better outputs and results.

Right Tasks To Right Manpower:
After selecting the team members, it is time to assign the identified project tasks to team members based on their capability. Each team member may have different skills in executing the project. It is very very important to assign or allocate the “Right Task To Right Manpower” to execute the project perfectly.

Gathering Inputs:
Our next step is gathering inputs from the client. Input collection is the most important thing which has to be in a correct system format. As per our project creation and project outputs, list out the required inputs and collect them at the correct time. Inputs collection task also be the project lead responsibility who should know the project outputs and about project deliveries.

Suggestion :
The paint system and other line list items have to be finalized with client approval.

Defining Procedures :
Each project we have to create the procedures for each task or process to execute the project. The procedures need to be approved by our client which are the only documents or proofs from our client to executing the project on their known workflow. Major procedures are :

  • Spooling Procedure
  • Revision Control Procedure
  • Fabrication Procedure
  • TestPack Control Procedure

We need to make sure that all the created procedures are approved by our client.

Team Coordination:
Always need to give more priority to build a good team. Each member of the team should know about the objectives and results. They need to understand their tasks and complete the tasks with the help of other team members who are having control of other linked tasks. For example, all the shop activities need to be updated on time to commence the site activities at the site. So each team members have to coordinate with others without any hesitation and complete the allocated tasks on time. Team lead always needs to consider the comments or valuable points of their team members who are having much experience in their tasks. Team lead needs to involve the full team always to achieve the effective output.

Suggestion :
Arrange the internal meeting daily basis with all team members to ensure that the project goes in line without any issues.

Report Formatting:
This is the most important thing in the project execution to satisfy the client’s expectations. All the outputs and reports are the only required data from us to share with the client on their required formats. Report formats need to be finalized based on their requirement at the initial level of the project. Reports formatting may vary based on the project. We need to categorize the reports as below:

  • Look Ahead Report
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Fabrication Forecast Report
  • Erection Forecast Report
  • Test Pack Summary Report
  • Shortage Report
  • NDT Coverages

It is better to show the progress reporting on the graphical format which the client likes very much compare to the normal report data. Refer some sample below:

Production Progress Monitoring:
The major responsibility of the project lead is to monitor the project progress at various levels of the project. The target of each task needs to be set high to complete the project on time. In our project, the major productions were spooling outputs and progress data entry. Both progress status we updated daily to the client without fail. So time and production rate is a very important factor to complete the tasks and projects on time.

Need to complete the spooling production on time with high rate output and fabrication/erection data entry needs to be updated in the system daily.

Reporting on Time:
Once the project runs on peak time, client management always looking for good results through the reports. Each day is a challenging day to fulfill the client’s requirements through different  reports. In the SLPG project each day we faced a lot of challenges to finalizing the report in Client HO as well as on-site and we have achieved the challenges with good reports. On-time report to the project management team is the team lead responsibility to collect the data from the team members and submit to the management in their required format.

Suggestion :
Need to concentrate more reporting for site progress to the site management team, which was not followed initially in the SLPG project.

Revision Control:
Revision control is one of the most important factors to complete the project successfully and happened in SLPG. We controlled the revision very well. If the revision is under our control then no need to worry about the project. It is the responsibility of all team members whoever involved in the project has to be very careful about the revisions from top to bottom i.e from spooling and till testpack. We controlled the revisions at the initial level with the involvement of the client as well. They have released the revision control log on every week to identify the upcoming revisions which help us to hold the ISOs and release the SWN and HRN.

Suggestion :
Always interact with the client to get the revision control log on time.

3D Progress Monitoring:
The key factor to impress the client in our SLPG project was 3D progress monitoring. The client always wants to look real progress at the site through 3D visualization. We implemented this in our SLPG as per the client requirement and succeded as well. Every week we shared and presented the 3D Model progress to the client management team and they were very happy about that.

Please share the 3D model progress to the client every week without fail. This one will help us to show our EPCPROMAN benefit compare with our competitors.

Fulfill the QA/QC Requirement:
In the oil and gas sector project execution time, we need to give more importance to the QA/QC department team to ensure that the project is running under quality delivery. In the SLPG project, most of the outputs from the system are for only to the QA/QC department. The interaction with QA/QC team should be started from the initial level of the project. Also, we need to finalize their output reports at the initial level of the project. Major Reports Deliveries of QA/QC in SLPG :

  • NDT Coverages
  • Penalty Logs
  • Repair Logs
  • Test Pack History Sheet
  • Welder Coverages

Suggestion :
Need more interaction with QA/QC department for the output deliveries from the system as per the procedures and make sure that all the reports are circulating on time.

Material Control:
This is one of the interesting parts of the project where all the management team involved in the deliveries of materials. In the SLPG project, we controlled the material very well from the initial level of the project and appreciated it by the client project manager. Also, we faced a lot of challenges in this part. In SLPG we had two fabricators and three site contractors and we are the only responsible team that can shift the materials from the site to shop and shop to the site. And based on the project priority we blocked the material and issued the job cards to all subcontractors at the correct time. Also, we involved in shortage quantity identification and found a better substitution for the shortages. We issued shortage reports weekly once to all management teams to ensure that the shortage materials are under ordering and delivering. Also, we monitored the test pack wise MTO and shortage analysis to ensure that the test pack can be tested on time without material shortage.

Suggestion :

  • Always keep concentration on the latest MTO preparation list which is an important document to control the material properly. It helps in our project very well hence we succeeded 100% in the material part.
  • Keep updating daily material receiving reports daily.
  • Always verify the actual/physical stock quantity vs system stock quantity
  • Need to submit the shortage report weekly to all management team
  • Keep monitor and update the job cards and possible inch dia data to all management.

Document Control:
The documents control section is the interesting one which plays a major role in all project. We have to control and monitor all the document transmittal transmission daily. The documents like drawings, job cards, and other reports have to be transmitted through document transmittal. We need to give full control of all project documents to the document controller. Always give priority to the revision management documents which control the project. Also, ensure that all the job cards and SWN/HRN transmitted to client DC on time.

Suggestion :

  • All the revision drawings have to be transmitted through transmittal to client DC without any delay.
  • Also, make sure that the isometric received transmittal status report has updated on time.
  • Frequently verify the engineering iso revision and spooling drawing revision to ensure that the revision management are under in our control

Test Pack Control:
In our SLPG project, the Test Pack monitoring and control was fully monitored and controlled through our system and used mostly by construction and QA/QC team. We involved more in the test package section to control that all the packages are ready for testing and reinstatement. For  this section, always we need to interact with the engineering team for package finalization and construction team for testing execution. As per our output report and confirmation only, the construction team goes for testing execution. This section is a very interesting section where we can see all the project teams involved with us to get the results. Also, test package wise MTO and shortage data needs to be shared frequently to analyze the testing planning and execution. Test pack history sheets are the final output delivery from our system. Once testing completed as per the client requirement, the project outputs from the system has been completed successfully.

Suggestion :

  • Get the test package at the initial level of the project to ensure that all the ISOs are mapped in the system with the proper limit.
  • Keep monitor the test pack history sheets and coverages reports are delivering on time.

The above information and suggestion may give proper guidance to execute the upcoming projects. Our special thanks to our PCPL management team for the tremendous support and help in all aspects. Thanks once again.